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   My name is Jakeb Miller and I was born and raised in Dallas, TX.  I'm a Freelance Photographer in the North Texas area that specializes in Automotive & Product Photography.

    I have  been behind the camera for over 12 years now and love photographing amazing cars and telling their stories as well as the owners love of their car. I grew up around cars and have always loved hearing the stories about locating, building and racing cars from the owners.  Photography is my passion as well as cars, so what better way to live your dreams than combining the two.  I started photographing cars at local car shows in late 2003 and have traveled to shows all over to chase down a story.  My first publication was in May 2008 in EuroTuner of a friends GTI, which sparked the love of getting cars and owners featured.  I currently work with several international magazines searching for feature cars and car events to featured.  I also work with several manufactures to photograph their products as well help with advertising and marketing their products.

    My love for product photography began the same time I got into photographing cars.  I would purchase a watch and learn how to set it up and light it in the bedroom  of my old apartment.  It was and is something that keeps me up late at night and wakes me before the sun is up.  I guess you could say I'm a Watch Addict because I'm always looking for a new watch to add to the collection and photograph.  I've got 25 watches at the moment and always looking for the next one to add to my stash.

Thanks for visiting and please enjoy the site.

Jakeb Miller

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